About Us

We are not your typical bean counters.

We love people! We love helping small business owners get set up for great growth. While working with numbers is what we do, our main focus is making financial reporting a fun, friendly and profitable experience for our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to make your bookkeeping rewarding. This begins with simple, non-intimidating, secure, efficient processes. To do this, we invest in the best team and state of the art technology.

Founded by Christine Reimer in 2009, Bridge the Gap Bookkeeping Services opened its doors with a focus on relieving the stress and worry that goes along with paperwork – typically falling behind on reporting or consequences of incomplete information.

Over the years, the Bridge the Gap Bookkeeping Services team has discovered a critical void in business practices. This void is a lack of understanding that regular and precise record keeping and bookkeeping actually earns you money long before you send your information off for year-end taxes. The well-trained and talented team at Bridge the Gap Bookkeeping Services works diligently to not only fill this void, but also set you up for your greatest success. Honesty and integrity is our greatest value, both in our team and the clients we choose to work with.

Meet the Team

Christine Reimer, BA, CGA, CPA

Christine is passionate about creating a great company to provide quality bookkeeping services to the small business community. Her career began when she was about 10 years old. It was not unusual for her to spend half the cold Manitoba winter nights, sitting across the desk from her dad, calling out numbers from an adding machine tape, while her dad marked them off in his ledger of farming transactions. As a young adult, she worked hard to attain a degree in Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan, and the CGA designation in Calgary. Through 25 years of practical experience in a variety of industries, she developed the skill to take on any bookkeeping challenge in any industry. When she’s not working on building a fantastic company, she enjoys time with friends and family – human and animal – nature walks, bike riding, golf; personal, professional and spiritual development.

Natalia Kozlova

Natalia is our administrative aficionado. Natalia joined the team in fall 2015 and brought with her a wealth of knowledge gained from eight years of experience in the area of office administration and bookkeeping. She is sincerely eager to, and diligent about meeting our client’s needs to the front line at the office.  She enjoys spending time with family – including her dog Lipa – cross stitch, knitting, reading, cinematography, quality literature and art.

Natalia Samson

Natalia is our Technician and is part of the bookkeeping team. Together with Christine she formed the root system of Bridge the Gap. From the early days of learning bookkeeping and now training and mentoring bookkeepers, and reviewing Financial Statements Natalia has been a cornerstone of our team. Her diligence to details, and commitment to quality, makes her a gem. She earned a Master’s Degree in Math in Russia and holds Canadian Certificates in Payroll. When not at the office, she can be found hiking and spending quality time with family and friends.

The Bookkeeping Team

Our bookkeepers are a diverse and inspiring group of people. All of them have taken the courageous step of leaving their home country to create a life in Canada. They bring a wealth of experience in various industries and a drive to achieve their dreams.